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Virtual Content Specialist (VCS) Applications:

Priority Application - Virtual Content Specialist

This application is only available to applicants in the following groups:

  1. Teachers currently qualified for a Teacher Career Pathways (TCP) teacher leader role (i.e., Model Teacher, Peer Collaborative Teacher, Master Teacher)
  2. Teachers working with the UFT Teacher Center
  3. Teachers engaged in the Remote Teaching Pilot, and
  4. 2020 Big Apple Award winners and finalists

If you do not belong to any of these groups, you must apply using the Traditional VCS application. 

Traditional Application - Virtual Content Specialist

If you have any questions, please review the comprehensive guide and FAQs or reach out to us at teacherleadership@schools.nyc.gov

All Other Applications:

Teacher Development Facilitator:

The Teacher Development Facilitator (TDF) application is open through 12/11/20. If your school is a confirmed Teaching Academy for spring 2021, you are welcome to complete the application.** Scroll to the bottom of the page to "Programs" and you should be able to launch the TDF application.

The following teacher leader applications are currently closed

You may see an open application; however, this is only for maintenance and we are not reviewing applications at this time).

  • Teacher Career Pathways Model Teacher - opening 2021
  • Teacher Career Pathways Peer Collaborative Teacher (PCT) - opening 2021
  • Teacher Career Pathways Model Teacher to PCT - opening 2021
  • Requalification - Model Teacher - TBD
  • Requalification - PCT - TBD
  • NYC-Teaching Academies PCT - TBD

Resources (click each resource to access):

Please direct any questions about the Teacher Career Pathways roles to teacherleadership@schools.nyc.gov

Please direct any questions about the TDF or NYC-TA positions to nycteachingacademies@schools.nyc.gov.


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